The route

  • France: 20th December 2018


    Concert of the Baltic and Scandinavian choir set up with the care home “the Ark-Horizon” in Montpellier

  • 21st January 2019

    Van acquisition


    21st January 2019

  • 24th March 2019


    FESTILAUL, festival organised to help finance the project “Singing on the road”

  • 24th April 2019

    Departure from Montpellier


    24th April 2019

  • From the 24th April until the 17th May 2019


    Van breakdown in Burgundy

  • Germany: Second departure on the 17th of May 2019

    Night spent in Emmendingen, Germany, in the home of Samuel Barnoux, Lucie’s brother


    Germany: Second departure on the 17th of May 2019

  • From the 19th until the 22nd of May 2019


    Breakdown in Germany (close to Halle)

  • Poland: From the 23rd until the 28th May 2019

    Arrival in Poland, at Mateusz’s (Poznan)


    Poland: From the 23rd until the 28th May 2019

  • Lithuania: 30th may 2019


    Arrival in Vilnius, Lithuania

  • 1st June 2019

    Encounter with Indré, ethnomusicologist + discovery of the Sutartinės at Mickeviciaus library in Vilnius.


    1st June 2019

  • 3rd & 10th June 2019


    Participation to a singing workshop of Sutartinė at the Art Akademie of Vilnius, animated by GEDIMINAS ŽILYS.

  • 5th June 2019

    Participation to a Ukrainian singing workshop with Vera Venckūnaitė-Čepulienė


    5th June 2019

  • 9th June 2019


    Travel presentation + private concert in a students house-share, Vilnius.

  • From the 15th until the 19th June 2019

    Resting in Dubingiai in Edvinas & Greta’s home.


    From the 15th until the 19th June 2019

  • Latvia : 19th June 2019


    Arrival in Latvia, Riga ; interview of the band Austras Koks.

  • 20th June 2019

    Ethnographic song concert + kokle playing, traditional Latvian instrument, at the LĪGO SKAISTI ŠOVAKAR.


    20th June 2019

  • 21st June 2019


    Visit of a non-governmental organisation promoting Latvian culture, and working in the field of cultural heritage preservation + visit of an instrument making workshop (kokle, basse…).

  • 21st June 2019

    Summer solstice celebration in Sigulda


    21st June 2019

  • 23rd June 2019


    Summer solstice celebration close to Madona

  • From the 25 June until 1st July 2019

    Workaway in Jelgava


    From the 25 June until 1st July 2019

  • Estonia: 1st July 2019


    Arrival in Pärnu, Estonia + kidnapping of Michael

  • 2nd July 2019

    Arrival in Tallinn - workaway in Euphoria Hostel until the 13th of July


    2nd July 2019

  • 5th, 6th & 7th July 2019


    Laulupidu song festival (150th anniversary)

  • 12th July 2019

    Concert in Vanalinna Ökopood (organic food-store), Tallinn


    12th July 2019

  • 13th July 2019


    Metsa Laulupidu in Hüpassaare (metsa = forest in Estonian. “Regilaul” song festival. The "regilaul" is a traditional call and response style chant or song that has existed in Estonia for centuries. These ancient songs are being preserved and given new life through many contemporary bands and events such as the Metsa Laulupidu.).

  • 15th July 2019

    Encounter with the singer Lauri Õunapuu + night spent in the sauna of the artist-painter Navitrolla, in Karula national parc


    15th July 2019

  • From the 17th until 21st July 2019


    Back to Zane & Endijs’s home with workaway, in Jelgava - helping with a music school renovation project

  • Lithuania: From the 21st until 27th July 2019

    Baltic traditional singing course in Antalkiai in Lithuania


    Lithuania: From the 21st until 27th July 2019

  • 27th July 2019


    Discovery of Lithuanian "pirtis" (sauna)

  • Latvia: From the 31st until 7th August 2019

    Back to Zane & Endijs’s home with workaway. Still helping with the school renovation project.


    Latvia: From the 31st until 7th August 2019

  • 4th August 2019


    Discovery of Latvian “pirts” (sauna)

  • Estonia: 7th August 2019

    Back in Estonia, in Mähkli for the wedding of Tiia & Leno, met previously as we were crossing their village on a musical quest, searching for a singer from the Laulupidu song festival…


    Estonia: 7th August 2019

  • 10th until 15th August 2019


    Exploring Saaremaa Island

  • 10th August 2019

    Saaremaa Hingefestival 2019


    10th August 2019

  • 15th until 17th August 2019


    Exploring Hiiumaa Island

  • 17th August 2019

    Crossover from Hiiumaa to Haapsalu - national celebration day, commemorating a local legend ; the White lady. Night spent in Roosta.

    For more info: cliquer ici


    17th August 2019

  • 18th August 2019


    Arrival at Euphoria Hostel - workaway until the 3rd of October.

  • 5th September 2019

    Concert in Vanalinna Ökopood (organic food-store), Tallinn


    5th September 2019

  • 6th September 2019


    Concert in Hostel Euphoria, Tallinn

  • 7th & 8th september 2019

    Concerts at the Uue Maailma Tänavafestival (street art festival)


    7th & 8th september 2019

  • 11 September 2019


    Concert at Heldeke, Tallinn

  • 30th September 2019

    Departure-party at Heldeke, in Tallinn


    30th September 2019

  • Finland: 3rd October 2019


    Arrival in Finland, Helsinki

  • 5th October 2019

    Private concert in a house-share of students in Helsinki


    5th October 2019

  • 8th October 2019 workshop


    Eurythmy lesson + nordic dancing workshop + circus workshop

  • 11th October 2019

    Cacao ceremony + sauna session at Sompasauna with Mikko, our local guide (Sompasauna is a wood-burning self-service public sauna, built and maintained by a group of volunteers in Helsinki. Visitors can enjoy the alternative sauna for free, at any time, and swim in the sea at their own risk…).


    11th October 2019

  • Finnish Lapland: 18th until 31st October 2019


    Finnish Lapland at Jessika Lampi’s home in Ivalo

  • 19th October 2019

    Visit of Santa Claus’ village in Rovaniemi


    19th October 2019

  • 20th October 2019


    On the road between Rovaniemi and Ivalo - special video for one of our partners, the Ark-Horizon, a nursing care-home based in Montpellier who are closely following our trip to Lapland.

    View from the home of our host Jessika Lampi, and our home for the next couple of days

  • 24th October 2019

    Walk around Saariselkä


    24th October 2019

  • 25th October 2019


    Visit of Ivalo elementary school and its Sámi classroom

    Concert in Koppelo

  • 26th October 2019

    New video : EPISODE 9 : Arrival in Lapland (Sápmi) - we left from Helsinki, the capital of Finland a bit more than a week ago, to head towards Rovaniemi, where we heard that Father Christmas lives. 
On our way, many wonderful things have happened to us...

    Northern lights !!!


    26th October 2019

  • 29th October 2019


    Musical residency at Inary primary school

  • 5th November 2019

    Crossover to Sweden


    5th November 2019

  • Beginning of December until the 13th


    Singing week in Astrid Selling’s home + celebration of Saint Lucie close to Stockholm in Sweden.

  • 30th november, 1st and 4th december


    30th november, 1st and 4th december

  • 11th december


    Presentation of the project + concert at Litorina Folk High School in Karlskrona