The route (2020)

  • June 2020


    Summer Solstice in Lithuania

    Leaving for a new trip back to the Baltics was put into brackets due to the global epidemic that has been raging our planet for the past couple of months. We nevertheless decided, in a rather hasty style and with no prior preparations, to leave once again and pursue our musical quest to uncover the intriguing topic of the “Singing Revolution” and other vocal traditions of these countries.

    This episode retraces the beginning of this new adventure in the Republic of Lithuania where we arrived for the Summer Solstice celebrations.

    At a few different moments of the video, we can hear some so-called “Sutartines”; which are a very ancient typical Lithuanian form of multi-part singing, transmitted orally from generation to generation. 

    During our first trip in 2019, we made a video exclusively presenting this form of singing which you can check out below

  • July-August 2020

    The Kokle is a Latvian plucked string instrument (chordophone) which belongs to the “Baltic box zither” family known as the Lithuanian “kanklės”, Estonian “kannel”, Finnish “kantele”, and Russian « gust”.


    July-August 2020

  • 2021-2022


    Concerts, performances

  • 2022-2023

    The Lucies are currently planning another field trip for the Summer 2023 so as to pursue their ongoing research. 

    Based between Montpellier and Toulouse, they’re on the look out for performing in peoples’ homes, and in unusual places so as to share their experiences and repertoire with the public (