• 10th April

    Leave Montpellier

  • 15th April 2019


    15th – 17th April: First stop in the area of Wielkopolska (North of Poznan) in Poland to meet up with Mateusz Raszewski, instrument maker and farmer. He is to make us a special drum that will be able to undergo the variable nordic temperatures. 

    24th – 28th April: The ‘Wszystkie marurki swiata’ music festival (in Warsaw) in English :
    all Mazurkas (folk dances) in the world. We are to stay with musicians that we previously met at the Galeison festival in France and we will partake in the festival as volunteers. 

    The Wszystkie mazurki swiati takes place every Spring in the capital of Poland. It is not only a great opportunity for any professional or amateur musician to come and celebrate traditional folk music but also to practice and continue these traditions of singing and dancing. The town is inundated by concerts, dance parties and music workshops for many days. 20th May 2019 

    15th April 2019

  • 20th May 2019


    20 MAI : Journée de la musique de rue « Gatvės muzikos diena » à Vilnius. Équivalent de la fête de la musique en France ; il s’agit

    20th May: Festival of street music ‘ Gatvés muzikos diena’ at Vilnius.

    This is the equivalent of the ‘Fete de la musique’ (Music Day) in France (mainly current music)
    which was created by Jack Lang in 1982. The Gatvès muzikos diena celebrates music all over Lithuania with street concerts and various other forms or artistic expression. This idea was first put into place in 2007 inspired by the musician Andins Mamotovas. 

    23rd – 28th May:
    International folklore festival (music and dance). The ‘Skamba Skamba Kankliai’ at Vilnius. 

    30th May – 4th June: Workaway at Giedraiciu seniunija

  • 17th June 2019


    17th – 22nd June: Workaway at Jelgava.
    23rd June: Summer Solstice celebrations in the area of Jelgava.
    24th – 30th June: Head on to Estonia. 

    17th June 2019

  • 1st July 2019


    1st – 14th July: Workaway at Tallinn (youth hostel) 

    5th, 6th, 7th July: Laulupidi Song Festival at Tallinn.
    We hope to participate at this festival as both festival-goers and singers. 

    1st – 7th August: Workaway on the island of Prangli. 8th August: Ferry from Tallin to Helsinki.

  • 9th August 2019


    9th – 23rd August: Workaway at Somero. 

    17th, 18th, 19th August: Helsinki Art Festival – theatre, music, dance, circus, visual arts. 

    24th August: Evening at Tampere. 

    25th August – 1st September: Stop over at Ilmajoki at a music school: Laulukoulu. 

    2nd September: Stop over at Oulu 

    Finnish Lapland – 3rd September

    3rd – 19th September: Workaway at Kuusamo 

    Swedish Lapland – 23rd September

    23rd September – 6th October: Workaway at Vuollerim. 

    9th August 2019

  • 7th October 2019


    7th – 13th October: Head on to Norway.
    Just crossing through Sweden. We will be back in December to celebrate Saint Lucie’s day. 

  • 14th October 2019


    14th October – 6th November: Workaway at Valdres.
    6th – 10th November: Meeting with music-therapists in the Bergen area.
    11th – 13th November: Oslo (couchsurfing).

    14th October 2019

  • 7th December 2019


    7th – 15th December: Workaway in Stockholm
    13th December: Celebrate St Lucie’s day near Stockholm
    23rd December – 2nd January: Workaway at Blekinge.

  • 3rd January 2020


    3rd – 5th January: Go to stay with Tanja Draeberg, a music teacher near Copenhagen. 

    6th – 8th January: Presentation/Concert at the alternative university at Ulfborg.

    3rd January 2020

  • 15th January 2020

    Return to Montpellier